Monday, January 18, 2010

This is how it begins

This is how it begins. It has been a few days since I deactivated my Facebook. Since then I've been noticing a few features of Facebook I kinda miss. In more specific sense, I like the ease of information being shared among people I know and talk to. It is a much faster way of linking a page or video on youtube on someone's wall. It seems strange to me nowadays to email just a link to someone without writing more. It is more or less "passing-off" information without actually contacting the person. The second thing I miss is event invitations. Facebook, to me, is probably the easiest way to organize a party. It beats the hassle of calling everyone and informing them in advance or, heaven forbid, mailing out or handing out invitations that we see in 90s teen movies (We know we hate people handing out flyers, right?).

Other than those things, I'm not really missing much on facebook. Sure stalking is harder because I have to do it the old school way (eavesdropping, pretending to know I can read at the coffee shop, and the good old ladder and binoculars). And yes, I miss looking at pictures of me to remind me what I look/was liked years ago. But the point reminds: Why did I leave Facebook? The past few weeks I have been wrestling around the idea. I wondered what really am I getting out of my profile? I felt like it was a web page clone of myself that people communicate to rather than myself. It did not seem organic... (No relation to organic foods). It occurred to me that I have been on Facebook for the past 5 years. My whole college career on Facebook. How did it influence me? I am a part of the facebook generation. It brought a new way of managing your social life and at a time when my social life expands much like everyone going into college. So the question I am posing is this: What would my social life be like without Facebook?

That's right. I am challenging and experimenting a social life without Facebook. I want to speak to people more and have the reverse as well. There's many ways of getting in contact with me rather than through Facebook. Cell phone, AIM, e-mail, visiting me at work, etc. Those were the old school ways. I am not saying people don't do this, but it seems more likely to 'add as friends first' attitude before, say cell phone numbers or email or screenname exchange. I want to engage in other forms of communication besides the passive Facebook. But yet I have an urge to somehow express myself via internet.

The Answer? You're reading it. I hereby am starting a blog, huzzah! I feel at least I have accomplish some sort of writing on my own that is both cohesive, interesting, and importantly well-structured. It may be a challenge or an acquired hobby. Who knows? I sure as hell do not. But isn't that the fun of it? I mainly want to express thoughts I have been having on random topics. Hopefully make them into some fun and hopefully allow the reader to understand how I think. And so...

This is how it begins

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